Software For Your Podcast That Produces Quantifiable Results:

Improved Brand Recognition, More Listeners, Deeper Engagement with Your Audience... to Name a Few.

Listen to Srini Rao describe why, after using Sitecast for nearly 2 years, he'll never go back to the old way

"Sitecast has allowed us to do so many things, the perception is not that we are some sort of fly-by-night guys sitting in a garage... it's more like, "Wow! These guys are serious. This is on another level."

**Psst... with Sitecast you can add an audio section and embed any audio you have hosted elsewhere by simply typing in the URL. It'll look just like this and you can do it in less than a minute!

Connect & Showcase Your Podcast Now

No credit card required, 14-day trial, and you may cancel at anytime.

Go Beyond Showcasing & Distribution

This is serious software for professional podcasters

Connect your Sitecast to a subdomain on a website you already manage, make it its own stand-alone domain separate from everything else you're doing on the web, or when you're ready to migrate your entire web presence you can do so at anytime.

Have more than one podcast? With our unique Channels functionality set up multiple RSS Feeds and multiple Showcases under the same web domain. And do it in minutes.

Instantly create an (iTunes, Stitcher, etc.) optimized RSS Feed. From there, add show notes, clickable links, and much more. Not only will more listeners discover your podcast, they'll know exactly what to do next when they are finished listening..

Podcast Scheduling allows you to set up episodes to go live at the most optimal date & time. Or, if you prefer, upload and go live, instantly.

Sell digital, physical, or service products (including a back catalog of your podcast episodes) directly to your listeners. Only pay a transaction fee when you sell something. No extra monthly fees.

Built-In ways to quickly optimize your podcast for social sharing. Everything from a proper sized thumbnail image to tags and meta-tags for search engine optimization performance.

The first and most important step for keeping your site secure is Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. We have it and you get it... included.

No wasting time with broken plugins and custom code. You can quickly integrate over 30 popular web applications, including your social networks, email newsletters, website analytics, and more.


Grandfathered Pricing, Everything Included
(October Only)

(*regularly $97/mo)

And of course... We've also got the basics covered for you:

Focus on your business, not on confusing technology.

We manage all of the servers and code for you.

What does this mean for you? No more plugin upgrades, no more server maintenance, and no more headaches.

Search engines like Google and Bing will love your Sitecast Network!

Your new screens are automatically search engine optimized to help ensure your customers will find you.

We also provide you with all the tools to fine tune your search engine optimization strategy.

Turn window-shoppers into loyal customers.

Your initial screen sections are automatically optimized for conversions. From there, you can fine tune nearly all aspects of your conversion strategy.

By focusing on conversions, your screens will become a growing source of high quality leads, connections, and customers.

On average, half of your visitors will be using a phone or tablet.

Your new screens magically adapt to fit any display size. From the smallest mobile device to the largest desktop monitor, your Sitecast Network will look great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Our podcasting software allows you to showcase your content on your own subdomain.

For example, if your website was, you could run your podcast on and not affect your current site at all.

Definitely! Our podcasting software takes the guess-work out of getting your first podcast showcased beautifully. 

In fact, it'll save you time to and allow you to keep focusing on quality content.

The Sitecast platform allows you to add as many content feeds as you want, including podcasts. 

With our podcasting software, you can run an entire podcast collective or network from just one domain.

SSL is absolutely necessary if you're processing monetary transactions on your website. It's also a best practice for websites in general, because you're protecting yourself and your audience.

Accepting Payments is as easy as simply deciding what it is you want to sell, connecting  your Stripe account, and you're good to go. And you only pay a transaction fee on what you sell. No additional monthly fees.

Yes, you can. But, frankly, we know there are less expensive media hosting platforms available to you. We recommend Soundcloud for audio file hosting. If you decide you'd like to host your files through Sitecast we're happy to discuss advantages and pricing with you. Regardless of where you choose to host your audio files, everything will flawlessly sync with Sitecast.

The audio files you create must be stored somewhere on the web for listening access. There are several media hosting platforms that allow you to store (with restrictions) your audio files. We recommend Soundcloud. 

Website hosting is what allows your website to be shown and used by your listeners. WIth most software you have to choose website hosting separately. With Sitecast site hosting is included so you do not have to worry about where it will be hosted.