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Become Sitecast Certified

Your partnership with our team includes all the training, support, and cash-flow opportunities you can imagine.

We will work directly with you and your team to create a unique series of offers and solutions to provide to your clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a series of training opportunities to your team via Sitecast University.

Once you're through the gauntlet, we'll test you on your newfound knowledge. If you pass with flying colors, you're in!

With a Sitecast Certification, you are able to create unlimited sites for you and your clients.

Please fill out the form on this page.

Our onboarding specialist will contact you with next steps.

We have created a series of tutorials and guides for you to learn how to properly use Sitecast. These include concepts like:

  • Search engine optimization and keyword research
  • Conversion rate optimization and A/B testing fundamentals
  • Basic and advanced design principles
  • Campaign analytics monitoring and analysis
  • Successful client-agency relationship practices

Most of these concepts are taught via live webinars and/or teleconferences.

If you are located (or willing to travel to) Portland, Oregon. We can do any or all of these trainings in person.

We provide you with a nifty partner portal.

You get full access to your clients' sites, their analytics data, and all of the extra management features you may need.

Above and beyond that, you get a great overview of your compensation structure and projections of partner payouts.

Contact us to learn more about how Sitecast provides ample cash-flow opportunities.

With our various systems in place, you will receive residual income for the lifetime of your partnership with Sitecast.