Let's say you've uploaded your videos, added a blog, optimized your Sitecast for marketing, and are ready to show the world your masterpiece. What next?

How will you know how many people come from Facebook? Or what if you'd like to see the number of visitors who look at more than one page?

Enter Google Analytics

 Google Analytics is a wonderful, and free, service which allows you to track and run reports on how well your content is doing on the web.

A few of many use cases:

  • Analyze the visitors coming from social media platforms.

  • Run reports on where in the world the majority of your users are located.

  • See which of your blog posts are most popular and optimize them to become even more popular.

  • Find out which pages have a high bounce-rate and improve them to become more sticky. (a bounce rate is simply the percent of visitors who leave almost immediately after visiting your web page)

  • The list goes on...

How to Install Google Analytics

Step 1

Sign up or access your Google analytics account. It's free!

Step 2

Configure your domain name. If you have a custom domain, use that one. If you have a free account, enter in your Sitecast URL.

Step 3

They provide a code that resembles this:


Step 4

Copy that code into the Google Analytics field within your Sitecast Setup screen.

You do not need to copy over any Javascript or HTML they provide you, we have taken care of the confusing stuff for you. All Sitecast needs is your ID number that starts with UA.

Step 5

Bask in the glory that you now have a very powerful set of tracking abilities for your Sitecast.


When you are signed into your Sitecast account, your traffic will be hidden from the analytics data. This will help keep your tracking stats accurate by saving only your true visitors.