What does SSL do for me?

Let's first talk about what it doesn't do. Secure Sockets Layer - commonly named SSL - does not make your Sitecast any safer - your site with us is already incredibly secure. Nor does it make your visitors computer more secure, that's on them.

But rather, SSL encrypts any information sent between your visitor’s device and your site. Which means it keeps out bad people from intercepting valuable data. Passwords, credit card info, email opt-in forms, contact form messages, etc are all protected.

Imagine a scenario where Sally visits your site from a coffee shop with outdated wifi equipment (which is often the case in mom-n-pop cafes). If your site doesn't have an SSL certificate protecting it, anyone else connected to their coffee shop network can potentially intercept any information sent to and from Sally's computer to your site.

Site ---------- ???????? ------------- Computer

What happens in the question marks? Without SSL, anything can happen.

With SSL, the only thing that will happen is information will flow securely between your site and your customers.

Do I need an SSL Certificate?

If you have a basic Sitecast to promote your message, you probably don't need an SSL certificate.

However, we recommend SSL for every website which intends to have users send personal data to your website. For example, components like contact forms and shopping carts.

As you look around the internet, you'll notice most websites don't have SSL. But this isn't because it's not essential. Rather, most website owners don't know about SSL or the technology required to maintain an SSL certificate is too expensive.

If an SSL Certificate is so valuable, why isn't this installed by default?

To be honest, we'd love to provide it by default. Unfortunately, it is out of our control because the initial ordering process is extremely cumbersome and antiquated which makes the automatic ordering of an SSL certificate impossible. But regardless, it's worth the upgrade!

How much is it?

Without Sitecast hosting, properly installing and configuring an SSL certificate can cost thousands of dollars a year. And often requires custom development from a programmer.

But we're happy to say, it's much cheaper with our servers.

We can provide you a great price because we've built an industry-leading security system. This advanced server stack allows us to provide your website with an SSL Certificate for only $50 a month.

Are there any gotchas?

Yes. Every external asset (videos, images, audios, tracking codes, etc.) needs to also be secured by an https URL.

This means, for instance, if you are using Libsyn for hosting your podcast or relying on some sort of external analytics service which doesn't provide https for their assets, your website won't be able to use an SSL certificate.

But don't worry. There's always a solution. For example, Libsyn's podcast hosting may not offer https. However, SoundCloud does. Also, every aspect of our service is secured under an SSL, so if you're not using external services, you don't need to think about this at all. We've got you securely covered, literally :)

Configuring SSL

Purchasing and installing an SSL Certificate is one of the smartest things a website owner could do. However, this process may be complicated.

While the team at Sitecast takes most of the pain out of the process, you'll still have a few steps to complete:

  1. First off, because this process takes tender, loving care, please send us an email to notify us of your intent to order a certificate. Don't proceed with the next steps until hearing back from us. We may have more info you need to know. Our team is always available at: wecare@sitecast.com
  2. Be sure to have one of the following email addresses set up and readily accessible. You will have the choice to send your confirmation email to one of the following:
    • admin@yourdomain.com
    • administrator@yourdomain.com
    • webmaster@yourdomain.com
  3. Visit the service where your domain name is registered (Network Solutions, GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.) and purchase your SSL certificate.
  4. The first email you will receive asks you to confirm your email address. Please follow the instructions within the email.
  5. Once you confirm your email address, you will be sent a few more emails. However, we are only interested in the email which contains the certificate. You will recognize the email because it will contain a long string of random characters. Please forward this email to admin@sitecast.com We will send you a confirmation email once everything for your SSL certificate is installed and configured. At most, 1-2 business days.
  6. In the email we'll include a couple simple changes you need to make in the admin area where your domain name is registered.
  7. CONGRATS! You've successfully ordered and configured an SSL certifcate. Ensuring your visitors receive the safest website experience possible.