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Don't have an email newsletter service yet?

If you do not have an email marketing service, we highly recommend checking out Mailchimp. Their platform is excellent, is very user friendly, and is free to start.

Your Thank You Response

Ok, so you have your newsletter service connected and a form installed somewhere in your Sitecast network. Next you will want to configure what your new subscribers experience after submitting their information.

When you create your email opt-in form, you will have the opportunity to choose from three outcomes you'd like the new subscriber to experience.

Confirmation Options

You may provide one of the following three options:

Thank You Message

By providing a thank you message, your new subscriber will experience a slick in-page confirmation.

This message will automatically replace the email form when a subscriber successfully signs up. They won't leave the page.

Page Redirect

By entering a different page, your new subscriber will be redirected to that page on successful sign up.

This is very handy if you are offering a hidden area within your Sitecast as a benefit of subscribing,

When you provide an instant benefit like this (and clearly state this benefit), your opt-in rates should increase dramatically.

Examples can range from a simple page with a valuable video to a comprehensive free interactive course.

Your creativity is endless on this one.

External URL

Let's say you are offering an incentive that doesn't appear within your Sitecast network.

The external URL is the perfect solution. This could be a link to your mobile app download. Or a direct link to a file somewhere on the web, such as a PDF in Dropbox. The choice is up to you.

That's it!

Once your subscriber receives one of the above responses, their email is instantly sent to your Mailchimp account. From there, you can choose to send them anything Mailchimp has to offer.

It's almost like magic! But really, it's just a very clever use of some programming code :-)