How often have you found yourself thinking of a new business, a new marketing idea, a new promotion, only to get struck down by not being able to find the right help?

Sometimes it is design. Sometimes it is copy. But whatever the qualifications, it almost always becomes a wild goose chase to find the assistance you need.

We know all too well how difficult it is to find experts.

Therefore, the team and I are incredibly excited to announce our latest innovation: The Expert Button

  • Get expertise on demand. Click the Expert Button located throughout your Sitecast Network, fill out the short form, and we will respond quickly with a helping hand.
  • Utilizing our network of experts and creatives, we can help you accomplish nearly any online goal. From simple copy & design to advanced competitive analysis & execution.

Other updates include:

  • Section titles and subtitles are now editable with the inline editor. For now you still have to add them initially in the "configure section" form. But once added, you can change the text directly from the builder.
  • Designed 3 new layouts for the Loop: Focus Right, Focus Left, and Minimalist.
  • Added an Account area to the Sitecast Setup area. You can manage all your settings there.
  • Shopify management is now directly accessible from the setup screen.
  • Built a slider for product sections which have more than one photo.
  • Maps no longer zoom by mouse scroll.
  • Managing channels in the setup area is now much more robust.
  • New custom email option in the "Get Help" modal.
  • Upgraded JWPlayer.
  • Updated Shopify button to work better inside the screen builder.
  • Bug fixes. Thanks for the submissions!

We are incredibly excited to assist you in building your online empire. All it takes to start is a simple click of "Get Expertise"

- Brad

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