First came screens. Then channels and tags. Now, we are happy to introduce to you Loops.

Have you ever noticed those scrolling lists of recommended products in your favorite ecommerce platform? Or the rows and rows of recommended videos in the major video platforms?

This concept is now possible inside your Sitecast Network!

  • New section: Loop. The loop naturally lists all your publicly facing screens. From there you may filter results by channel or tag. More filter options coming soon!
  • There are 5 layout options and all the regular styling options for the loop.
  • Filter builder. Inside every loop is a set of filter you get to define. These will decide what shows up within the loop.
  • Order your loop results by date or title.
  • Search! Your visitors can now search screens. Yes, right from the loop. And the search happens instantaneously. No page reloads or slow queries. It's really powerful.
  • Tag screens right from the builder side panel.
  • Using Infusionsoft for your CRM? You can now connect it to your Sitecast Network.
  • Improved the Audio player section.
  • The infinite scroll of blog posts and podcast episodes has been greatly enhanced.
  • Connecting your Shopify account is now more intuitive. Import your products with one button.
  • Your member portal can now be any screen you'd like to use.
  • A part of our event beta? Your logo now shows up in the RSVP modal.
  • The process for creating a channel has been revamped. Now it is exactly like creating anything else in the setup area.
  • Channels now have a default screen created when first setting up your channel.
  • Completed a bunch of internal overhauls. Which means improved performance for your network.
  • Bugs? Squashed.

We are incredibly excited about all the creative uses of the Loop. Let us know how you are using this fun new concept.

- Brad

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