Another update, another set of fun new features!

This update was focused on usability and integrations.

  • You will now be able to use an inline editor on certain sections. It's really slick. Right now it's in beta so you'll find it on the: Talking Points, General Content, Video, Audio, and Call to Action sections.
  • Autosave is enabled. On any section that has the inline editor, it will automatically save your changes. This took a lot of Javascript and back-end trickery to get it all working. It's really helpful.
  • Have a Shopify store? Or thinking of selling something online? We now integrate with Shopify. Simply connect your account, import your products, and Sitecast takes care of all the heavy lifting.
  • Do you run events? We've added a new section: Event. Simply put in the name, date, and some additional information and instantly accept RSVP's for your event.
  • Want to sell tickets to your event? Contact us, we are currently accepting beta users for our event ticketing solution.
  • The cloning of screens has been refined.
  • Creating new sections has a lot of tiny improvements along the process.
  • Your videos, audios, testimonials, and other media objects are now all saved into your Library. This will make your life much simpler by storing all your assets inside of Sitecast. Collaboration should become a lot less chaotic as well.
  • Upgraded the text editor.
  • Refined a bunch of Javascript for smoother interactions with the software.
  • Audio section received an updated player: JW Player 7. Also remember you may sell ad space with this player. Contact us for monetization options if you receive over 10k views a month.
  • Bug fixes.

This version was a ton of fun to build. The inline editor takes our screen builder to a whole new level. And we are starting to get into a rhythm for product development. So stay tuned for more and more new updates!

- Brad

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