Hello! Some more big updates for you this time around.

We are on a quest to build the most intuitive content management system available.

  • Tags. Yes, tags. Those things that have been around the web forever? We've added them. But unlike the traditional tags. These set the foundation for an incredible new navigation experience.
  • We are creating a very advanced process for filtering and delivering your content in personalized ways. These tags and channels - along with popularity, keywords, and some internal Sitecast magic - play into this functionality.
  • Want to use your Sitecast Network on a subdomain instead of a domain? Now you can! It's simple to set up in your Sitecast setup area.
  • Created the perfect layout for a screen? Now you can clone a screen and carry over the exact styling and layout for new screens. Choose from a straight copy of each section, just the styling, or don't include the section. You can find this option in the Setup/Screens area.
  • Added a new section: Location. This uses our new MapBox integration to create on-the-fly maps of any location in the world. While it has a ton of utility going forward, you can use these maps to showcase your location-based business or highlight any part of the globe for any reason. The map has a bunch of styles. My personal favorite is Pirate. Arrrgh mateys!
  • Along with the map options. We have installed a geo-coder which will allow us to do all sorts of cool geo-tagging inside of features now.
  • If you have only one section on the screen and it is tiny, the section expands to the full viewport size. This looks a lot better for basic screens.
  • Color theme chooser in the builder side panel has been refined to only show the color pickers when using a screen-specific color palette.
  • Added LinkedIn as a share option.
  • Improved the default reference names for new sections. Also, remember you may change them at anytime.
  • Can add email opt-in sections without needing a mailing list connected. Emails will store in your website database for safe keeping. However, you need to connect a newsletter service to send emails to your prospects.
  • Replaced the word Page with Screen in a ton of different areas we missed. Oops!
  • The builder works a lot better on an iPhone now.
  • Only a few bugs this time :-)

I hope you are starting to see the possibilities of Screens, Channels, and Tags. We believe as you build out your Sitecast Network you will find all sorts of creative ways to structure your presentation.

If screens, channels, and tags are still confusing to you or you'd like to explore how they could help manage your web content, simply shoot us an email: wecare@sitecast.com

- Brad

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