Following in the footsteps of our last update, we have created Channels.

Now you can add any screen to a channel. In turn, it becomes much more accessible and easy to find.

Think of RSS feeds but for all your screens and content. It's the start of a very intuitive content management system.

  • Create unlimited channels. Add any screen to any channel. We will explain channels in our documentation and in upcoming screencasts.
  • The new section area inside the screen builder has been revamped for better usability.
  • Brand new audio section! Use SoundCloud and their player. Or use JWPlayer's excellent audio player for externally hosted files.
  • Uploading audio to SoundCloud is even easier with a rebuilt uploader.
  • The side panel in the screen builder has more options including channel settings.
  • Improved the Call to Action section with a better link builder.
  • Internal links are much easier to find now. They are alphabetized based on the Title and include the Slug of the screen.
  • Tooltips (those things that show up when you hover certain links) have been refined for smoother use.
  • Sitecast now has interactive tours throughout the builder to help you learn the basic buttons and features.
  • Your Sitecat network has always had an excellent open graph integration. But now it's even better with expanded defaults if you forget to optimize a screen for marketing.
  • Battling bugs one submission at a time.
  • Deleted a ton of legacy code.

This update was huge! Channels will grow into an incredibly robust set of content management tools for your web presence.

- Brad

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