In our quest to redefine the web, we have eliminated web pages from Sitecast.

Wait now, whaaaaat?

Yes, we feel the term web page conjures up images of a stagnant, static web site. The thing you'd find in outdated CMS frameworks like Wordpress.

We are excited to introduce: Screens. The future of interactive web experiences.

  • All of your current web pages have been converted to screens.
  • Your current pages have more interactive options instantly.
  • You will find that new sections and new screens have a bunch of new interactive features.
  • New blank slate option for creating screens. No longer is a new page... er, screen, yes, screen... screens don't have prefilled sections. We feel it was only a distraction and limited creativity by crudely guessing what you wanted the screen to look like.
  • Improved defaults when adding menus.
  • Screen wallpaper is no longer a requirement.
  • Talking Points received a new layout: Split Grid. Try it with photos and rounded corners, it's gorgeous!
  • Changed the publish screen option to direct link or publicly viewable.
  • The multi-step guide section's navigation box attaches to the top while scrolling. It's really slick!
  • Videos now support the following: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wistia, Vimeo, and self-hosted.
  • We have partnered with JWPlayer to provide a custom player for self-hosted videos. If you need to run pre-rolls, mid-rolls, or any other type of ad from any ad network, we now support it. Contact us if you expect 10,000 or more views a month and would like to monetize your videos.
  • Adds "is active" option to FAQ section. This allows you to highlight certain (or all) questions in the list.
  • It's even easier to sell digital products now. We are close to exiting private beta. Until then, contact us if you'd like to sell digital products. It's really robust at this point.
  • Typography is refined for more variable screen sizes. Looks good on the smallest mobile devices or largest desktop displays.
  • Bug fixes mostly around pages/screens.

Screens are the future!

Thanks for being excellent.

- Brad

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