With this new release we have focused on working with our Beta testers directly to solve some pain points.

  • Publish/unpublish sections with one button. This is huge people! Because you can hide sections you are currently working on and show all those you'd like the world to see. The choice is yours!
  • Combed through Google's docs and have improved the back-end SEO of your sites.
  • Simplified the process for connecting your Stripe account.
  • Video section now has better typography and spacing.
  • Want to accept comments on your blog or podcast? It's simple. From the feed settings area, you will now see a new panel for comments. The comments form is all custom built and we have spent extra time refining our spam filter. So let us know if any spam gets through, because it shouldn't.
  • Added a new section: Frequently Asked Questions. This is perfect if you have a sales page or need to provide question/answers for your audience. Check it out, it's pretty cool!
  • Added a new section: Multi-Step Guide. We created this for those of you who have long documentation or reports. With the multi-step, your visitors can quickly click what section they are looking for and be instantly scrolled to it.
  • Talking Points section has been refined with more Mobile Friendly spacing and layouts.
  • Pagination buttons got a face lift.
  • Scrim style for header is better aligned.
  • Add an icon on top of an image with the Talking Point section.
  • Easily add your privacy statement and terms of service from the setup area.
  • You can customize the "trust statement" below any contact form. If you have a privacy policy added it will be a link to a modal which displays your policy.
  • Fixes address in contact form to display properly and emails you the address with the message.
  • RSS feeds are now fully cached. Which means less server overhead and quicker response times. This is especially important for you podcasters.
  • Removed https images from the RSS feed, they were unnecessary and were causing conflicts with the iTunes podcast app.
  • Improved the Sitecast credit card form and payment process.
  • Finally found that pesky sorting of sections issue where it'd occassionally be not sorted properly with 30+ sections.
  • For sake of consistency, removed the sort from the side panel. It's now a button on the right controls in the builder.
  • Footer builder. Yes, footer builder! Now customize the footer with any and all links of your choice. The style options are similar to the navbar.
  • Copying a template now copies the images properly.
  • Affiliate commission and counts are now easier to find.
  • Bugs? You submitted them. We squashed them.
  • Lots of backend improvements helped load times and performance.

Wow that was a lot of work, but well worth it! :-)

- Brad

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