When the web was first used, it consisted of two elements: documents and links.

Decades later and much has been added to list of web capabilities. But at its root, the web is simply a bunch of web pages with hyperlinks connecting them.

With this update we have launched a very robust Link structure.

This will set the foundation for a ton of cool features and interactivity options in the future.

For now, here is what is included in this update:

  • Brand new Link model which makes it incredibly easy to link to anything inside your Sitecast or to any external resource (like another site, email address, or file).
  • All new section Call To Action. This deserves a full blog post but for now check out the new section in the builder. It's really powerful!
  • The new link builder let's you create/change/delete links, rearrange them, and more.
  • Internal links now load extra quick thanks to this new linking strategy. And it'll only get quicker as we continue to cache more assets and refine the core software.
  • Add all the optional links inside the navbar and they instantly work without any special TLC. Including purchase links and sign up/sign in buttons.
  • Menus now have accessible coding for screen readers.
  • Added two new options for navbar layouts: structure & padding. These give you 4 new variations to choose from for your navbar.
  • General improvements to the Navbar include spacing, style, backend code, and mobile layout.
  • Added a new style to the Header section: Ribbon. It is my new favorite and can quickly make your site look unique and colorful.
  • Mobile optimized the Subtle typography style.
  • Talking points can have icons. It is a great way for quick and easy design. Or simply use them as placeholders.
  • Removed the Profile fields from User accounts. This will be replaced in the future with a much more robust offering.
  • Refinements to the SSL ordering process.
  • Not too many bugs reported this time period. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing :-)

This link stuff has us really excited about what creative things you'll be able to create with it. Please email us how you're using the menu builders, we'd love to see how you're using the Link feature.

- Brad

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