High Tech meets High Touch

In this update we have focused on helping you with any questions you may have... Sitecast related or not.

You will now notice there is a " Get Help" button throughout your Sitecast network.

Simply click this button to instantly reach us.

Have a question about the builder? Found a bug? Need help with understanding SEO? Got an idea for a feature?

These answers and more are now easily accessible by clicking the Get Help button.

Ok, with that outlined, here are the highlights of this latest version:

  • The above Get Help button has launched along with an advanced ticketing system built directly into your Sitecast network.
  • Affiliate tracking received a huge make-over.
  • Template specific colors are now possible! Select from your global setting or choose custom colors on each and every page. This makes it incredibly simple to create a beautiful landing page with custom designs.
  • Spruced up the Personalize area.
  • Our Stripe integration just got a lot better. The payment modal can be shown anywhere throughout your Sitecast Network. And you may redirect your new customer to a thank you screen of your choice. Check it out for more info.
  • Sell any digital product in under 5 clicks. Email us to start.
  • Downloads of podcast episodes now show where the visitor found the file: either the website audio player, the download episode button, or through a Podcast app with the RSS feed.
  • Some internal changes to the way images are handled.
  • Refined the way you add Call to Action buttons to the Header, Talking Points, and Content sections.
  • The creation process of new screens has been greatly simplified.
  • Text editor updated to latest version.
  • Killed more bugs than grandpa's bug zapper.

As always, thank you for being a Sitecaster!

- Brad

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