The version number increase may be small, but the updates are huge.

  • Have you signed up for the beta of Sitecast Premium? If so, we have now added the ability to directly connect a newsletter list. This will instantly send your new customers into any autoresponder series you want.
  • Launched affiliate tracking for Sitecast Premium. This is huge, people! Basically, if you want to set up virtual sales staff with any commission rate, you can do it now. In other words, you can create custom URL's to give to whoever you'd like (and trust) to share your premium offers. In turn, anyone who visits through that link and purchases within the next 30 days, everything will be tracked.
  • Want to run a promo for a premium offer? No problem! With our new Promotions feature, simply set up the offers that apply, the discount, and the length of the promo. Sitecast does the rest. Send anyone to the promo link and the site magically transforms to reflect the promo prices. This is a valuable addition to your toolset.
  • Added a new section "Social Buttons" to the page builder. You may select the default social network buttons or choose our icons. If you choose the iconic option, the links will open a nice screen for them to share the page with their audience. But more importantly, if you have the icon without the "official" social share buttons, your site will load quicker and not send additional data back to the social network because you no longer need their Javascript in your Sitecast. Which also means they can't easily track your site visitors. Score one more for Sitecast privacy!
  • Want to create member only posts? It's easy now with the addition of a new feed option. Within your feed settings, simply select "Require Login" and the feed is instantly protected. Only accessible by your Sitecast network's users.
  • You may want to include a login button now that you can have members. Simple. In the navbar builder, select the login option. A button appears in the navigation which allows people to sign in and sign out.
  • Based on your feedback, we created a more refined section sorter inside the page builder. The old one is still there, but the new one eliminates a few clicks. From the side page menu, select 'Sort Page Sections' and voila! Instantly rearrange the page sections.
  • Changed the logout button in the page side menu to a less-confusing icon.
  • Improved the login screen and is fully javascript now. Which means no page reloads!
  • Mobile optimized the icons inside of the Talking Points page section.
  • Many new fixes to pesky bugs. Keep the feedback coming. It's not difficult to fix bugs. It's only difficult to find bugs. Once we know of a bug, it'll be gone asap!

As always, there were probably more updates than listed here, but these were the main ones. We hope you like them!

- Brad

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