Hello folks, we have some fun updates to tell you about with this new version.

  • Have a YouTube channel? Now you can sync your channel with one click. All of your videos become beautiful posts within your Sitecast network.
  • New sections for YouTube videos with a bunch of layout and style options.
  • Completely rebuilt the authentication system (User login) in preparation for the next bullet point.
  • We are accepting beta testers for a MASSIVE new solution called Sitecast Premium. With Premium you can sell anything digital you'd like with a few clicks. From music albums and comedy specials to in-depth courses and video series. If you're interested in finding out more, please email us at wecare@sitecast.com
  • Along with Sitecast Premium, we've integrated Stripe for payment processing. It's the only external service you need for Premium to work. Outside of connecting Stripe, the entire payment process is on your domain. In other words, no need for third party carts!
  • Videos, audios, files, anything can be uploaded to your Premium offers. We provide unlimited bandwidth for anything you're trying to sell at no additional charge.
  • Also, when you sign up for Sitecast Premium, it unlocks a few new sections. Namely a Call To Action for purchasing and a high quality video player.
  • New typography option: Clean. It is smaller and very easily readable. Which makes it perfect for blog posts and general content.
  • As always, we are constantly working on making the software more and more secure. We built an amazing platform for security with this release. But for everyone's security, we won't publicly disclose what we did. I wish I could tell you because it's awesome!
  • Caching is completely revamped. Most noticeable speed improvements are in the feed list.
  • New login form and password reset. And if you upload a logo, it'll be completely custom branded.
  • Redesigned the Sitecast signup process and the setup area.
  • There were a few bugs fixes related to uploading tracks to SoundCloud.
  • The text editor is completely revamped. It still looks the same, but it now automatically optimizes photos uploaded into the post. It has a spellcheck. And it fixes a few reported bugs related to copying in text from external sources.
  • Lots of tiny tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy the upgrades!

- Brad

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