Captain's log, Sol 476: we've got much to report... oops, got confused, just finished reading the book, The Martian by Andy Weir. It was really good! I recommend it to anyone interested in science, space travel, and/or the planet Mars.

So anyway, it's official. is no more, long live Sitecast!

This update included much of the backend stuff that you'd probably find boring. But it was hugely beneficial.

However, the updates we can publicly announce are as follows:

  • Did a massive find and replace to eliminate from everywhere. We think we found them all. If you see SiteBuilder anywhere, let us know, thanks!
  • Added a new typography option: Modern. I really dig the style. For instance, the headlines uses a typography technique called "small-caps" in which it does exactly what it says.
  • Our podcasting platform is on a-whole-nother level now. It deserves a blog post to cover everything. But we don't have a blog yet, so just poke around if interested. Basically, we have full integration to SoundCloud's API. And if you have tracks in there already, we automatically import them. Most importantly, you can use your Sitecast RSS feed to distribute your podcast episodes.
  • Also, the podcasting platform now works with external hosts. So if you use services like Libsyn or Blubrry for podcasting, those integrate nicely too! The only gotcha is that some podcast hosts don't provide an https link to their files (stupid I know!), which means if you are using an SSL certificate to protect your visitors, they may see a funky warning. If this is a concern, we highly recommend using SoundCloud.
  • Your feeds' RSS is completely optimized and under your full control. You can modify it in each feed's settings form. Add /rss to any feed's home page URL to see it in action.
  • Optimized the sitemap.xml ( file. This will further enhance your search engine optimization efforts. If you haven't done so, you can submit your sitemap to search engines or anywhere else that may want a full list of your published pages for indexing. Here is helpful info to do so for Google & Bing. However, you technically don't need to submit them because of this next bullet point:
  • Modified the robots.txt file ( to be all inclusive. This helps aid good bots, like Google's web crawler, find your sitemap. And does its best to prevent bad bots and scrapers from doing malicious stuff with your content.
  • The background image on each page now has a focal point. It's really hard to explain, but basically our code automatically calculates the size of the screen and adapts the image accordingly. With the added focal point, you can now tell Sitecast what part of the image to keep in view when visiting the site on a small screen. It defaults to the center. Resize your browser to see what I'm talking about. The only part left we haven't finished is when you change the focal point, you have to save the setting and hit refresh to see it in action.
  • A ton of bug fixes. The platform is getting pretty solid and bugs are becoming rare.

Wow, re-reading the above I see we've been busy! I bet I missed a few updates here because I usually do, so it'll be a fun easter egg if you find something new :)

As always, have fun and always keep Sitecasting. The world deserves to hear your message!

- Brad

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