Oh wow, a lot of great things happened in the past couple weeks. Here are the highlights in no particular order.

  • New navigation menu and builder. It's freakin' sweet! And it opens the flood gates for some cool advancements in the near future.
  • Integrated Mailchimp and Aweber for email opt-ins.
  • Rewired the way pages are linked together. Super fast page load times now.
  • Podcasters can now send their episodes directly to SoundCloud.
  • Added a new page section: blog post slider. And it is swipe friendly!
  • Squashed some bugs. (Keep the feedback coming.)
  • You can add your Google Analytics tracking code.
  • The slider when selecting a new page section is now always visible.
  • Oh yeah, we changed our name and bought a new .com domain. But it's not official yet. Shh!

There were also a bunch of tiny updates and tweaks I should have better documented along the way. I'll get good at this whole updating you on the software stuff soon :)

- Brad

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